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Cell Phones vs. VoIP Phone Systems? Which Is Better for Your Business?

Communication is one of the essential aspects for every business to succeed. It plays a huge role in the decision-making process, helps to enhance employee productivity, accelerates the company’s growth, and keeps in touch with existing and potential customers. And as each technological evolution brings new ideas and products to the table, businesses need to keep an eye on them to find a more appropriate communication system.

As VoIP phone systems are gaining popularity, many business owners try to understand how they might be helpful for the success of their business. And to answer that question, we have prepared a series of articles comparing VoIP phone services with other communication systems. This article, the pioneer of those series, will focus on comparing and contrasting VoIP with cell phones and will help you decide which method suits your company better.

Cell phones have been around for a long time now. We know we can often rely on them for important business calls, as they are always in our pockets.

But no matter how convenient this might sound, it is not the most advantageous. Making cell calls is not the most financially friendly decision, especially if your business is new and on a tight budget. Mobile connection providers ask for high fees for every second you are on a call with your cell phone. So, a better idea is to go for a solution that is much more appropriate for a business company, especially a newly established one. VoIP business service is one of those solutions, and in this article, we’re going to discuss cell and VoIP phone benefits and understand why the latter is much better. But before diving into the main topic of today’s article, let’s answer the question “what does VoIP mean.”

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a communication service that uses an Internet connection. VoIP calls don’t require any additional equipment and are considerably easier to manage. It enables people to join calls from anywhere by connecting to a VoIP phone, computer, or laptop.


Using Cell Phones Is OK

We cannot deny the fact that cell phones have their advantages. The most obvious benefit, by far, is mobility and ease of usage.  As long as your location has a robust enough cellular network, making calls with mobile cell phones is easy and possible anywhere in the world. They also provide excellent voice quality!

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…But VoIP Is Much Better!

But excellent voice quality isn’t enough for your business to succeed. In addition to that, VoIP phone features include text messaging, voicemail, email, an automatic attendant, caller ID, call monitoring, call recording and routing, and much more.

VoIP phone systems are ideal for your business if it is expanding quickly because they are adaptable and, with the right telecommunication company, can be modified to meet your company’s demands even after installation. Due to its versatility, you can make impossible system alterations and changes compared to cell phones.

VoIP phone service is a source of customer insight that enables your company to control call traffic better and enhance customer communication. Some of these data include the amount of time people spend on-call, missed calls, and demographic data. You may also purchase the appropriate VoIP phone for your company, which, in addition to assuring communication with clients and employees, are excellent office resources for multitasking, sending emails and text messaging.

If your business has staff members based in various locations, business VoIP services will be a better option for you. No matter where you are, you may use a VoIP service to have a local VoIP number and rely on your VoIP phone system to connect calls for your business. Business VoIP service also allows for remote work arrangements. This makes it possible to work remotely or from home. Yes, cell phones might allow this to happen too, but they are not as flexible and versatile as VoIP services for business. You will not be able to be on a business call on your phone and multitask efficiently.

And finally, VoIP business services are definitely less expensive, despite what cell service companies claim. Costs are a crucial consideration for any business, so switching to VoIP is advantageous for business owners. Reports state that implementing VoIP solutions often results in cost reductions for companies of between 50-75%, which is an unimaginable amount of money saved that can be used for better purposes for your business.

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How Does VoIP Work?

So, how does VoIP work? Now that we’ve understood the advantages of VoIP phone system, we can dive deeper into answering that question.

Your analog speech sounds are translated into digital signals and sent to the receiving side of the phone when you make a call utilizing a VoIP service for business. A third-party telecom operator solely operates it. If the receiving phone is wired to the phone network, the VoIP companies that provide the services, also manage the data transfer.

Traditional phone systems transfer your voice sounds through radio waves to a nearby cell tower, which can cause many communication issues. Additionally, they use copper cables and need additional equipment. Compared to them, making a VoIP phone call is simpler, as there is no need to use so much equipment.

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We hope you enjoyed the first part of our series dedicated to comparing and contrasting VoIP services with other communication systems. The next two parts of the series are waiting ahead, so follow our blog not to miss them. And as a final note, let’s talk about a VoIP provider that will help you be one step ahead as a business due to its excellent communication services.

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Our expert staff is available around-the-clock to address your questions. So contact us if these VoIP innovations and solutions seem appropriate for your company.

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