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Saving Money with VoIP

Of the many reasons that businesses have been making the switch to VoIP, the significant cost reduction is probably amongst the strongest. Voice over IP (VoIP) is an alternative to landline telephony that makes and receives calls through Internet Protocol.

VoIP systems offer clear and consistent reception, helpful call routing features and significantly cheaper calls. It offers many useful features that you simply cannot get with an expensive landline and it does all of this without any wires or clunky hardware.

There are many VoIP systems available and a proper set up will not only help your business maintain the best communication possible, but it will also save you money. Let us get into exactly how you can save money by opting for a VoIP setup over a traditional landline telephone system.

Save, One Call at a Time

The most obvious way that switching to VoIP can save you money that you have probably noticed is how much cheaper calls are. A business makes and receives a high number of calls every day of every week of every month of every year. It can’t be denied that it adds up and makes for a cost that begs to be reduced.

Many businesses rely on making international calls which are very costly. With a VoIP setup, you can expect to make international calls at half of the price as a landline provider. There are many VoIP systems let you make domestic and long-distance calls without any cost at all which is invaluable at cutting costs.

Add to that, you can expect to pay less for a VoIP plan than a landline plan with many VoIP services starting at $19.99 as opposed to landlines between $25-$30 for service. There are more advanced VoIP packages that can be a little higher in price, but compared to a landline of the same price, you are getting more for your money.

Cut Down on Hardware and Maintenance

Besides making for a less cluttered workspace, the reduction in hardware also means that you’ll be reaching for your wallet to replace and maintain it way less than a landline phone system. When looking to get an old-fashioned landline set up, right off the bat you have to pay hefty set up and installation fees.

This is all before you have to pay additional fees for extra lines to make sure you have enough to cover your business’s needs. That is not an issue with VoIP systems. Many reputable VoIP services offer free installation, and because it works without hardwires and cluttered hardware, it is often a onetime set up.

Anther cost that adds up with traditional landlines that is almost obsolete with VoIP systems is maintenance. Maintaining a landline phone set up is costly and often times means having to buy more hardware.

Using a cloud hosted VoIP system, you do not have to worry about losing valuable time or keeping your clients and customers waiting while waiting for your phones to get back up. If you move offices or facilities, you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune to get your phones hooked back up as VoIP phones are directly connected to the system and can be moved without hassle or cost as needed.

Time Is Money

If there is one thing that costs a business more money than anything else, it is time management. Having a well-oiled machine of a business is not possible without having an even and concise flow of information between employees and departments, as well being able to easily they can utilize that information is key to making the most of your time.

The call routing features that you get with most VoIP systems let you customize how your calls are put through to different extensions. This works wonders in making sure that every call is being responded to appropriately and thusly expediting how they can be addressed to aid the workflow.

You can also easily have it set up so that individual employees have their own lines that the receptionist or directory can transfer easily cutting back on time spent trying to find a representative, as well as the wait time for customers.

Because VoIP systems offer mobility allowing you to bring your work with you as needed, you can ensure no time is wasted when away on business or simply having to step out for whatever reason. An important call coming into your business while you are away can be forwarded directly to you so you can take care of it as needed.

The voice mail to email transcriptions that come with VoIP also work to save time and money as you can address any issue or prospect that may come up after work hours or when you simply are bogged down and can’t take a listen. All of the organizational aids that VoIP systems work to help you make the most of your time, and ultimately, your money.

Communication of The Future

At the end of the day, Voice over Internet Protocol is an invaluable sign that the future of communication is here. The advancement of technology over the years has made it that so that businesses can cut their costs and allocate funds where needed with steps as simple as switching to a VoIP system.

VoIP systems offer a better experience for the user as well which is in turn, great for you as the business in question. While cutting down costs on calls, set up, maintenance and getting the most out of your time, VoIP systems also set a more professional communication standard.

Take advantage of the advantages that come without extra cost such as text messaging. Being able to message out important information to a wide group of customers and clients can save you time and money while also staying connected with the user.

If you want to start saving now and want to make the switch to VoIP visit here or call (844) 800- 8008 and find out about Flagman Telecom’s VoIP services. Flagman Telecom offers free set up and installation for local businesses and can provide you with over 65 helpful features for every customer.

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