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What VoIP Phones Are Supported by Microsoft Teams?

With What Brands and Models of VoIP Phone is Microsoft Teams Compatible?

Microsoft reports that it is actively working with Yealink, Crestron, Lenovo, Polycom and Audiocodes to develop a range of VoIP phones specifically built to deliver the best Teams experience possible. The implication here is that these phones are not suitable for, and cannot be used with, SIP/VoIP platforms other than Microsoft Teams.

A full list of ‘Teams phones’, specifically designed with the Teams experience in mind, can be found here.

Since it is also available as an app, you don’t actually have to use a VoIP desk phone at all. If you prefer to take your calls the traditional way, though, you’ll be more restricted with Microsoft Teams than you might be otherwise, since devices that are not listed at the above link cannot be used with Microsoft Teams.

For example, while, Yealink’s T55, 56 and 58 series phones are all purpose-built for a true Microsoft Teams experience, making navigation more intuitive for staff already familiar with the layout of the Teams web, mobile or desktop app, their popular, feature-rich but cost-effective Yealink T41S cannot be used. Other popular brands, which might produce VoIP hardware that’s very capable at a lower price, aren’t represented at all. Grandstream phones, for example, are an excellent choice for SMBs that need IP desk phones for all their staff that can deliver on essential features without exhausting their entire budget, but Grandstream phones aren’t compatible with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Device Restrictions

Some VoIP and UCaaS providers, including Microsoft Teams, offer services that are compatible with only a limited number of VoIP phone makes and models, resulting in a smaller set of usable devices for the end-user.

Given the discrepancies between different makes and models of VoIP phone, VoIP providers aim to guarantee a stable and consistent service, no matter the device their users choose, by restricting the number of compatible devices. Unfortunately, this precludes the use of many perfectly capable and often more cost-effective models of VoIP phone, meaning the consumer suffers.

Getting the best VoIP Services and Phones

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