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VoIP Phone: What You Should Know about VoIP Services & Calls

This article provides a guide on VoIP phones, services, and calls in Los Angeles, and it covers the following specifics: Let’s dig in to learn more!

How VoIP Phones Work

VoIP phones use voice-over IP technologies to place and transmit telephone calls over an IP network. The VoIP phones connect to your router or switch within your LAN (local area network). The LAN system is connected through your broadband internet such as cable, DSL, or Fiber to a cloud-based PBX that is responsible for handling calls, voicemails, conferencing, and call routing

To access VoIP services, you’ll need to purchase VoIP phones or use your existing telephones and connect them to VoIP using an adapter. Data-driven mobile devices and computers can also be used to make VoIP phone calls when you download your provider’s desktop or mobile app. What is most important is acquiring a new VoIP phone number, or porting an existing number to VoIP. You can use the same business phone number on multiple devices and pick your calls from any of the devices the number is connected to. 

VoIP Phone System Features to look out for

To enjoy top-quality service, there are important features to look out for when considering purchasing a VoIP phone system. 

  1. Mobile and desktop apps, to provide accessibility for multiple devices.
  2. Auto-attendant features, to provide self-service to customers and route calls automatically.
  3. HD call quality, enabling crisp and clear conversations when communicating with customers
  4. Call recording, auto call transcription if possible.
  5. Teaming and collaboration, enabling instant messaging, business chatting, video meeting, screen sharing, and video conferencing. 
  6. End-to-end call encryption to secure your system from VoIP fraud and other security issues.


There are other features that you may require depending on your personal or business needs. Therefore, discuss with providers to know what they are offering for their price, and choose the one that works best for you.

Can you make Free Calls using VoIP?

You can make free VoIP calls, depending on the provider you are subscribed to. Some providers offer free services to all the phone numbers on their network, enabling calls to other subscribers on the network at no charge. That is a way to save costs on internal calls for businesses having multiple users on their system. 

Some services also offer free calls to other networks but there can be restrictions on the number and duration of calls per IP address within 24 hours.

How to avoid High-cost Phone Plans

When it comes to cost, the important things to pay attention to include the cost of phones, associated devices, installation, and operational costs. 

The prices of VoIP phone equipment vary widely; a VoIP device can cost between $70 – $900. If you run a small business and your team members have cell phones, mobile devices, or computers around them, you might not need to buy a VoIP phone, all you need is to subscribe to port numbers to a VoIP service. However, if your incoming call volume is high, and you have a growth plan in place, you can consider getting a VoIP phone system. You can also buy adapters to convert your current telephone system to VoIP. Therefore, it is advisable to choose devices and plans that match your operational needs and budget. 

Operational cost can be from $20 – $30 per user per month and set up costs can be free or paid depending on the provider you choose. The charges on VoIP calls also vary from one provider to the other. For example, some services charge different rates on local, long-distance, and international calls while some charge flat rates.

Therefore, when choosing your area code for VoIP, choose where most of your customers are concentrated so that your callers will not be incurring long-distance call charges. If your business is serving people in Los Angeles, use LA area codes for your VoIP business phone numbers.

Who can call you with a VoIP Phone?

Anyone with a phone number, whether analog phone, cell phone, local, or international number can call your VoIP phone. You can also call anyone with your VoIP number. 

VoIP is built on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), therefore they support interoperability between all kinds of phones. To make a VoIP phone call, dial the recipient’s number on your phone in the same way you use other phone lines. As you initiate the call, the phone will communicate with your VoIP service provider to call the number you have dialed, and the service establishes the connection and exchanges data packets between you and the call recipients in a matter of seconds. Therefore, you can call and be called. 

Where can you use your VoIP Phone?

One of the benefits of using a VoIP phone is that it can easily be moved from one place to the other without a disruption in service or consultation with the provider. They can work from anywhere as long as they are connected to broadband internet. 

That implies that even if there are restrictions like we have experienced during the pandemic, businesses can continue to operate without disruption. The mobile and desktop apps also make the service accessible on other devices. You can program where your calls should ring first, depending on where you are working from.

Getting the best VoIP Services and Phones

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