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The Most In-Demand VoIP Auto Attendant Features

Having an Auto Attendant on your VoIP system can be the difference between a hectic day and one that’s stress-free. An Auto Attendant can help you achieve workday nirvana and avoid the dreaded “Sunday Scaries”

How, you ask? There is so much that an Auto Attendant does that will make your day run much more smoothly. Keep reading for a list of the most in-demand VoIP Auto Attendant features and how they can help you maintain sanity during the day-to-day.

The Most In-Demand Auto Attendant Features and Benefits

An Auto Attendant Assists Your Customer-Facing Staff

It takes a lot of emotional energy for your staff to maintain their friendly and upbeat personas in the face of constant emotional attacks from your existing and potential clients. Like it or not, customers can be difficult to work with, and your staff needs all the help they can get.

Think of it this way, your staff needs to conserve that all-important emotional energy to ensure that your team can focus on closing deals and making your company more money. But how? Enter the Auto Attendant.

An Auto Attendant Saves Your Staff Time and Saves You Money

The Auto Attendant can help answer simple questions, saving your staff valuable time answering more complex questions or assisting customers with expanding their current service with you. Saving this time means that you don’t have to hire that second receptionist to field calls when business is booming.

Keeps Your Agents Sharp

Your staff won’t become bored and lifeless by answering the same questions or telling customer after customer that they have the wrong number. The Auto Attendant will ensure the correct calls are going to the correct staff member.

Never Miss a New Client

Worried about potential leads while one of your staff is on a must-deserved vacation? There’s a setting for that! Your Auto Attendant can direct incoming calls the most available and relevant person once it surveys that caller’s needs.

Make Your Customers Happy

There is nothing more frustrating for your current and potential customers than getting the run-around and being shuffled from agent to agent. Ensure that your customers are going to the right number the first time by using a programmable Auto Attendant that screens calls and determines customers’ needs quickly and easily before they ever have to speak to a human.

Set Up Automatic Text Messaging

An Auto-Attendant can even help keep customers happy by allowing them to never call in the first place. The research proves it, customers these days would prefer not having to speak on the phone at all if they can avoid it. Your Auto-Attendant can be set to provide basic answers to common questions through text messaging.

Turn On Anonymous Call Rejection

Not only will your Auto Attendant ensure that calls are going to the right employees at your organization, but it will also ensure that the calls that aren’t worth taking won’t get through at all. This means that your staff can focus on real customers and potential customers and their needs without having to waste time fielding bogus calls with fake offers.

Take Advantage of Auto-Hold Messaging Features

Sometimes a customer must wait for their intended department to pick up once your Auto Attendant has directed them to the correct line. However — this is a captive audience. You can program your Auto Attendant to deliver pre-recorded messages about the latest offers at your company or even direct them to more information on your website.

What better way to maximize your sales than to ensure that the customers on hold are getting the most relevant information delivered to them directly?

Give an Amazing First Impression Every Time

Often times a call is the first interaction that a customer has with your business. Why would you leave it up to chance as to whether they have a positive and friendly experience or not? An Auto Attendant can ensure that each and every customer is receiving prompt, professional, and friendly service the first time, every time.

Customized Messaging to Fit the Context

It can be frustrating for a customer to get information that doesn’t reflect their current reality. An auto-attendant can be programmed to give customers the correct information for the time of day, day of the week, holidays, weather emergencies, and more. This will help ensure that the customer isn’t waiting as the phone system cycles through everyone on the phone tree, only to be hit with a voicemail prompt later on.

Never Miss a Another Call

Your Auto Attendant can help ensure that you and your company never miss an important call, even when you’re on the go. The Auto Attendant can even deliver calls to a corresponding app on your sales staff’s cell phones when they are off-site using their actual business number. This ensures seamless and prompt customer service all the time.

How Do I Get An Auto Attendant For My Business?

Call Flagman Telecom Today at (844) 800-8008

Flagman Telecom can set you up with the VoIP services that best suit your needs, including an easily programmable Auto Attendant. Our staff is here to help you set up what works best for your business, as well as make suggestions based on what we have seen work for other clients in the past.

Right now we are offering FREE setup and installation for local businesses, as well as access to all 65+ features no matter what size your business is.

We offer 24/7 remote assistance and customer service to every single one of our clients. We can even customize our features or develop new features based on your individualized business needs.

I’m Ready For An Auto Attendant Today

Call Flagman Telecom Toll-Free at (844) 800-8008 today to get set up with a customizable Auto Attendant and start saving money and achieving Workday Nirvana. You’ll be glad you did.

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