What Is VoIP QoS in 2021

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How Can I Configure VoIP QoS? VoIP QoS is a function handled by your network router. Almost all modern business routers will offer QoS functionality and some even have this configured by default. The Draytek Vigor V2865 series, for example, offers an ‘Auto Voice’ VLAN that automatically prioritizes VoIP calls as they pass through the […]

5 Simple ways to internationalize a B2B business

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WHAT DOES INTERNATIONALIZING MEAN TO A B2B BUSINESS? Let’s get one thing out of the way first. What exactly do we mean by internalization? There was a time when selling products or services outside your country borders did need a lot of planning. Your company needed to figure out: The logistics of shipping products or delivering services in multiple […]

Are cloud communications right for small businesses?

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SMALL ORGANIZATIONS AND THE PROBLEM OF PBX Larger companies have always enjoyed the benefits of adopting a Private Branch eXchange (PBX). Such a system allows businesses to manage a large volume of calls, devices, and lines. You can direct customers to the person who can best serve them, without having to leave messages or hear a busy […]

10 office phone system features available with Flagman Telecom

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Every business – no matter how big or small – will eventually need an enterprise phone system to meet their needs. Whether you have dozens of employees or thousands of customers, consumer-grade services just don’t suffice. Business phone systems have many features that make them more suitable for organizations than individuals. Unfortunately, traditional phone systems don’t let you […]

What is a Cloud Phone System?

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Why Move to a Cloud Based Phone System? Phasing Out Old Technology Traditional phone lines are due to be phased out completely by 2025, with telecoms providers now encouraging the move to full-fiber vs traditional copper lines. BT is rumored to have already stopped selling ISDN/PSTN phone line products, whilst Openreach is working with new […]

What VoIP Phones Are Supported by Microsoft Teams?

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With What Brands and Models of VoIP Phone is Microsoft Teams Compatible? Microsoft reports that it is actively working with Yealink, Crestron, Lenovo, Polycom and Audiocodes to develop a range of VoIP phones specifically built to deliver the best Teams experience possible. The implication here is that these phones are not suitable for, and cannot […]

Choosing the Best Phone Number for Your Business

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Choosing the best phone number for your business is not always an easy task – there are many types of phone number available. Attractive numbers are available with different packages and plans, increasing the number of choices available. As a business owner, it pays to consider various factors including your geographical location, present and potential […]

VoIP or UCaaS: Which is Better for your Business?

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In any business context, the quality of your communication is going to be crucially important for every component of your operations. This is especially true in the current climate where remote work is required, and many organisations are struggling to figure out exactly how to enable the sort of collaboration and communication that they once […]

VOIP service and cheap VOIP calls all over the world

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What are the VoIP protocols: The protocols provide registration of the IP device with the provider’s server or gatekeeper, call and / or call forwarding, establish a voice or video connection, transfer the name and / or number of the subscriber. Currently, the following VoIP protocols are widely used: SIP H.323 IAX2 MGCP (Media Gateway […]