Choosing the Right Call Center Software for Growth

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Growing businesses are like growing children. They have a healthy appetite. Kids eat. The bigger they become, the more they eat. The food enters the mouth of a child and passes to the stomach, where it is digested. The valuable nutrients are then passed to the rest of the body through their complex vascular system. As the child grows larger, their bodies naturally must […]

Benefits of Toll-free and Vanity numbers

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If your business is not already taking advantage of a toll-free or vanity number, I would consider giving that a second thought. Having a toll-free number, or better yet a vanity number, goes a long way in making your business appear professional and in case of vanity numbers, memorable. You can find toll free and vanity number plans quite cheaply without sacrificing helpful features such as call forwarding and voicemail […]

Saving Money with VoIP

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Of the many reasons that businesses have been making the switch to VoIP, the significant cost reduction is probably amongst the strongest. Voice over IP (VoIP) is an alternative to landline telephony that makes and receives calls through Internet Protocol. VoIP systems offer clear and consistent reception, helpful call routing features and significantly cheaper calls. It offers many useful features that you simply […]

The Most In-Demand VoIP Auto Attendant Features

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Having an Auto Attendant on your VoIP system can be the difference between a hectic day and one that’s stress-free. An Auto Attendant can help you achieve workday nirvana and avoid the dreaded “Sunday Scaries” How, you ask? There is so much that an Auto Attendant does that will make your day run much more […]