What Is VoIP And How Does It Work?

null Since the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), businesses have taken advantage of the increased productivity that seems to come with it. Everything from mobility that it offers to the voice mail to email transcriptions have allowed business owners to get things done under any circumstance efficiently.

There are so many features of VoIP systems that result in a finer tuned flow of work, but none that are quite as glaringly necessary and welcome as the advanced call routing features that it provides for businesses.

How incoming calls are addressed is the first impression that the customer will have of your business, and to set off your business’s relationship with the consumer with a quickly handled call will fare well for you. Let’s explore the advanced call routing features of VoIP systems and see how they effect you and your business, as well as your customers.

How Does VoIP Advanced Call Routing Work?

The advanced call routing features offered by any good VoIP service may sound complicated, but it is fact quite easy to get the hang of and is well worth it.

Call routing is the way in which calls are directed to specific extensions and representatives within a business. VoIP systems allow for customization and an endless amount of possibilities as far as how the calls are categorized and routed accordingly.

With VoIP, you can set it so that specific numbers go to specific representatives and departments, as well as making sure that as soon as a line becomes available, calls can be transferred immediately if needed. It is a way to put more control in your hands as to how the customers will ultimately respond to the way that your business is prioritizing and handling their calls.

Ideally with VoIP, you can use the advanced call routing features to you and your business’s advantage by creating an engaging and efficient communication system between yourself and the consumer. This nourishes a good relationship with your clients as well as maximizes the efficacy of the time that is being spent by you and your team.

Increase Productivity

A VoIP system lets you customize a menu with options and extensions to present the customer with. From there, you can customize how those calls are routed. This works to save a great deal of time spent extending clients calls with person to person reception.

You can customize everything down how and who the calls are being transferred to, as well as setting it so that it only rings a certain amount of times on one line so that if they are busy it will be transferred elsewhere.

This is infinitely useful in ensuring that each of your team members are making the most of their time and being as productive as possible. You also won’t have to worry about calls being forwarded to individuals and departments that should be spending their time addressing other types of inquiries.

Another productivity booster offered by VoIP is that it frees up your receptionist’s time that would normally be dogged down by routing calls and lets them get to work on other things, as well as being able to cut out the need for a receptionist entirely saving you even more money.

Making Yourself Available

VoIP’s call routing features allow you to not only make sure that your calls are all being addressed, but it let’s you be available if necessary, at any time. For instance, if you are going to be away on business or have to leave the office, you can set it so that calls will be forwarded to an alternate phone that you can attend to it.

If offering your customers the best service is of the utmost important to you, than making yourself and your colleagues easily available will go a long way in keeping them as customers.

You can also set it up so that specific incoming numbers get routed to specific extensions or representatives. This is important in letting loyal customers and clients know that their call is of value and saves them from going through the directory every single time

The easier it is for your customers to get in touch with you, the more valued they will feel. That is good for business and creates a good, productive relationship.

Easy to Set Up

Setting up and customizing your own call routing system within your VoIP service is easy. Most VoIP systems have a web page style menu that lets you customize your directory effortlessly. It will usually let you customize a wide variety of factors from how many rings go through before switching lines, to which alternate numbers a call is directed to if need be when away from the office.

It takes little time and can be changed as needed easily which is useful when you don’t want to rely on third parties or hiring IT personnel to adjust your directory when changes come about. Contacting your service provider and getting help getting started is a good idea if you have questions about how to take advantage of your advanced call routing features.

For the reduced cost of VoIP over traditional landline services, the advanced call routing features that come with it seems too good to be true. But it is true, and it continues to be one the main things that leave businesses happy that they made the switch.

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