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Benefits of VoIP Conference Calls for Your Business

Effective and unhindered communication is in the heart and soul of every successful business. With the landscape of work changing rapidly, your staff may no longer be tied to an office desk phone to join an internal office call or to attend a group phone call meeting with customers. With the VoIP technology, you can streamline office communications, reduce physical meetings, and enhance collaboration between office and remote teams, while also saving costs on communications.

In this article, we want to consider what VoIP conference calling looks like and its benefit for your business. We’ll cover the following specifics:

Let’s dive in.

What Is VoIP Conference Call?

VoIP conference calling is a phone call that enables multiple callers to participate in a conversation using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. With a dial-in phone number, callers can join the call from anywhere with different phone systems including mobile phones, VoIP phone, standard desk phones, or a computer or mobile VoIP interface. Anyone with a free VoIP service can also join the call.

In VoIP conference calls, callers connect to a server known as conference bridge to talk to one another. For security purposes, this server may require a passcode authentication from users before they are allowed to join. Unlike traditional phone calls that use circuit switching to enable conference calls, VoIP calls use packet switching where call data travels through the most efficient pathways on the internet to enable seamless communications. Most VoIP systems have an in-built conferencing call service. In some cases, it may require requesting the add-on from the service provider when required. Once activated, it can be used for audio conferencing and video conferencing through the bridge server or VoIP network.

VoIP call service is a hybrid solution, you can make and receive calls or host conference calls with any device and your callers can also choose how they want to connect. The number of people that can join a VoIP conference call depends on the capacity of your installation or subscription or your service provider. Some provider supports a maximum of 30 while some can take up to 200 conference callers at once. Adding an external SIP to your VoIP network can allow up to 300 users or more on conference calls at a time.

Business Benefits of VoIP Conference Calling

VoIP conference calling and VoIP service has tremendous benefits for your business. Some of these benefits have been highlighted below.

Increases Staff Accessibility and Supports Remote Working

VoIP helps your team to stay connected and collaborate all the time. Whether they are in the office, working from home, or at a coworking center, your staff can connect with their colleagues over an internet connection for online meetings.

With VoIP conference call, your remote workers can connect to your organization’s network and integrate fully with in-house staff. This helps you to bring both local and remote teams together on a call to resolve problems or to generate ideas that will move your organization forward.

Also, if you have limited space for physical meetings in your office, you can rely on VoIP calls to meet regularly with your teams.

Ease of Installation, Configuration, and Maintainance

Most VoIP networks are plug-and-play. You don’t need copper wiring and no complex installations. Also, you can easily add or remove users, and change system configuration on the VoIP software web interface. Depending on the size of your staff and your future plans, you can expand or reduce the services on your VoIP system.

Cost and Convenience

VoIP conference call provides access to advanced technology and features at a lower cost. This includes HD VoIP calls and call recording capabilities. Also in terms of installation costs, it’s cheaper to install a VoIP network than standard landlines. In some cases such as when using a cloud-based PBX VoIP service, there may be no installation at all. All you need to do is buy VoIP routers, VoIP phones, or headphones for your team, and you pay a monthly subscription based on the number of users.

By making your conference calls on VoIP instead of standard landlines, you will avoid toll charges on conferences involving long-distance and international connections because the calls are routed over the internet. Users on the same VoIP network can also have access to free calling.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

VoIP does more than audio conferencing. You can also get a video conferencing add-on to enhance your communication with clearer videos and HD audio call quality. With video conferencing in place, meeting in person becomes occasional, especially if your business operates from multiple locations. Also, adding video to voice calls can reduce the chances of error and misunderstanding in communication. Therefore, your team will be able to communicate and collaborate better. In addition to video calling, your team can also share media files as well as text messages during video conferencing.

Better Workplace Efficiency

VoIP conference calls make everyone on your team accessible since they can join from wherever they are and with any device. This reduces response times and waiting times between teams, and when your team communicates more promptly, it boosts your workplace efficiency.

VoIP Meets Multiple Business Communication Needs

You can optimize your VoIP network for most of the communication needs within your organization. That includes voice calling and conferencing, video conferencing, instant messaging, customer service, call forwarding, call recording, voice mailing, and many more. This means you can make effective use of your internet bandwidth and also avoid spending money on multiple communication solutions.

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