VoIP CRM Integration

null In running your business, having Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services is a great way to enhance the growth of your business thanks to the phone services many different features. All of the features included with Flagman Telecom’s VoIP phone services are there to help the day-to-day activity of your business become more seamless.

One of the best things about VoIP phone services is that they can be integrated with your existing help desk / Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or be integrated with any new CRM software that you wish to impose. CRM platforms are very crucial in the success of growing businesses. They can help you to keep track of interactions between customers and prospects, and store data for later research and manipulation to gain an insight as to where you can improve in your customer relations.

A Customer Relationship Management system can be effectively used by everyone. Any company who deals with customers on a daily basis could benefit from their use, such as those who deal with sales, marketing, business development, recruiting, or most other things. Used correctly, a CRM integrated with Flagman Telecom’s VoIP phone service is the ultimate combination for business optimization.

What Exactly Is A CRM?

Simply put, a CRM is a technology / platform that can be used to manage your business’s data on relationships and interactions with customers, and customers who you seek to gain. VoIP phone services from Flagman Telecom can be used to record and store your calls, but CRM integration makes handling the data and storing it in an efficient manner much easier.

Real Calling Data

Whenever you make a call over Flagman Telecoms VoIP phone services, your call will be recorded and analyzed for future use. Calls are likely coming in and are being made consistently on a day-to-day basis for your business. With CRM integration, every call now becomes much more important, because instead of having to take notes while you talk, you just get to allow the CRM integration to take care of the logging. Since Flagman Telecom records calls for you through their services, you can even attach previously recorded files to the specific customers contact profile.

The CRM integrations can also keep track of whether the call was made from a cell phone or business, whether it was a regular phone line or internet, and what time they call at. The coupling of this information can be used to enhance the customers experience with your company.

Data Analytics

Realizing who your customers are, how they operate, and what they like is very important in forming a good relationship with them. With CRM integration, you’ll gain an insight as to how to analyze your customer behavior better, which can help lead to other things. Having access to CRM reports and sales funnel data proves to be very beneficial in helping to make better marketing department decisions.

With sales data and customer reports, you can more effectively test out different tactics, and see how useful they are. Being able to monitor customer behavior and activity can help lead you to profitable campaign strategies and market personas. Knowing how your customer operates and what they like is crucial!

Better Efficiency

With VoIP phone services from Flagman Telecom, you’ll already be well on your way to knowing your customer a bit better, and will be able to run your business in an enhanced operational manner. With the addition of CRM integration, running the business and dealing with the grunt work of customer relations becomes much easier.

Being able to seamlessly pull up a customers contact page, find any past information related to sales, obtain data on prior interactions, and so much more on the spot can be a huge factor in growing the success of your business. Being more organized keeps your day-to-day operations running more smoothly, which can in turn grow your business at a faster rate.

Improved Management

With the implementation of a CRM platform, any manager will easily be able to see how many times a day a client has called, how long they call for, how often they hang up, what the average call time is, and how long they wait for. CRM integration even goes so far as giving individual data and stats for certain workers that speak with clients, and you’ll be able to see who talks for a longer or shorter amount of time to the client regularly. Knowing this information can help managers to come up with more profitable sales plans by having employees work with customers that they are most effective with.

Cost Effective!

Implementing the use of a CRM platform in combination with Flagman Telecoms VoIP phone services is a great way to be staying ahead of the curve at a low rate. Often, you’ll already have most of the equipment you’ll need to operate, so once you get the systems integrated, you are good to go. Growing your business can be a tough task, but having a combination of systems that makes dealing with the grunt work of customer relations can make the efficiency and data of your business be streamlined in a much more effective manner.

Get Started ASAP!

As you can see, the combination of a CRM platform and Flagman Telecoms VoIP phone services is the ultimate combination for business optimization. With this combination, storing, analyzing and making sense of tons of customer relationship data is made so much easier. In a lot of cases, the workload that dealing with customer relationship data grows into can become very tiresome for companies and their workers. Don’t wait any longer! With the integration of a CRM platform, storing and analyzing the data is all done automatically, and can be pulled up at any time during a call, or can be linked to a customer contact page. Having access to this data, all in one convenient place that’s easy to find, can mean all of the difference in growing the success of your business. If you aren’t already subscribed to Flagman Telecoms VoIP services, call the number (848)-800-8008, toll free, or check out the self service quoting system on the company website.