Unlock Scalability Using VoIP

Have you looked into these services before, finding that the prices were too high? For some time, VoIP services pandered primarily to larger companies and higher-paying clients. As society shifts into today’s modern age, prices are becoming more affordable, helping small businesses to scale the rungs.

Imagine that you can afford a VoIP service. Drop the idea that you can’t, just for a moment and think about what you would want in a VoIP service if you could afford it.

Choosing the Right VoIP For Your Business

Did you know that 36% of small businesses have already switched from their old communication systems, to shiny new, efficient VoIP services? These small businesses, seeking scalability, have found many benefits and cost savings when expanding their companies using a VoIP service provider.

VoIP featured services increase simultaneous-call-capacity and cut down on cost for multiple lines. They may also allow features like call-forwarding to mobile, auto attendants (automated receptionist,) and ACD (automated call distribution.)

These new-age services also offer cloud based access, so you can easily perform business functions (such as voice and video conferences) anywhere, anytime, as long as you have access to the internet. All of these features increase business efficiency and cut down on business cost, improving scalability for your small business.

So, what features do we look for and how can they help us?

Insightful, Professional, Caring, Auto-Attendant

Have you ever made a call and been answered by an auto-attendant that was confusing? Most people have. In the modern world, many businesses use auto-attendants to manage calls from their consumers, or prospects. Most people, have had a bad experience at one point, or another.

This is why it is so important to choose a VoIP service that cares about your consumers, like you do. A VoIP service that cares will work to develop your auto-attendants so they are efficient and make your customers, or prospects feel good about calling you.

That voice that comes on the line when someone calls is your company’s voice. First impressions are everything. So, when you choose your VoIP service, you need to make sure that provider cares about your business and customers, just as much as you do.

Call Forwarding to Mobile so You Don’t Miss Important Calls

VoIP selection is efficiency based. You want to choose a VoIP provider who helps you stay connected with your business. With call forwarding to mobile, you will never miss a beat.

Note: Interesting fact, 29% of businesses that switched to VoIP were seeking call-forwarding to mobile solutions.

Why have many companies found this so helpful? When a potential client, or business contact, makes that effort to call your company it’s an opportunity. You may never get that opportunity again.

Imagine that you are trying to close a deal for a large client. You have worked on that client, often. You put your business in front of them, repeatedly, trying to get them to take a bite. They are finally ready to take it and they make the call!

A voice answers their call, «Hi, you’ve reached so-and-so (YOU,)…. I can’t get to the» ….CLICK!!

All the work that went into that call may now be for nothing. The caller could have helped you to expand your business and you missed them! This is one of the many things you don’t want to happen.

ACD (Automated Call Distribution) Minimizing Hassle, Maximizing Customer Experience

Granted, no one wants to be bothered constantly in their homelife, but a good VoIP provider will have proper ACD (Automated Call Distribution) which can identify if a caller is important enough to be forwarded to your mobile.

This means that you can adjust the urgency level of your contacts and clients for streamlined efficiency in your business. Certain individuals that you select, or certain callers that fit a description that your VoIP provider develops with you, will be forwarded to your mobile, or the mobile of other company members for assistance.

That isn’t the only thing that a good ACD can do for your company. ACD functions differently than old systems. Its process is built on data and intelligence for premium efficiency. How?

Rather than automatically forwarding a caller to an extension, it instead uses information collected by your automated attendant to direct their call to the most knowledgeable person that is available to assist them.

By processing acquired information about the caller’s needs it is able to send them to the right place so that they get the best service possible, fitting their needs. A good VoIP service provider will work with you to fine-tune your data and automated attendant with your ACD, tailoring it specifically to your needs.

Is This Hard to Set Up?

A good VoIP provider will offer to set up all the systems necessary to utilize VoIP enabled scalability in your company. They should make it easy.

Not all business owners are ‘techies.’ Even if you are, you probably have too many tasks on your plate to think about developing all this tech yourself.

Reality? There isn’t much ‘easy’ in the business world. Success comes at the cost of the sweat on your brow. You work hard every day. So should your new VoIP provider.

If you are going to take the leap and decide to sign up for a service like this to increase your company’s efficiency and scalability, your switch over should be efficient. It shouldn’t slow you down.

After all, that’s what this is all about, right? Streamlining your business, making things easier and more efficient? So, clearly if a VoIP service provider wants to help your business, they should make it easy-as-pi.

Is This Service Affordable?

We live in a fast paced world. Our technology is evolving at an alarming rate. This technological growth is a breeding place for competition. The result is that new technologies are becoming more affordable. What was too expensive for you yesterday, may be affordable today.

That affordable technology may be what unlocks the potential of your business in the coming years. There is one more thing of key importance, when you choose a VoIP provider.

This may be the most important, of all.

They Care About You and Your Customers

They should care about you. They should care about your customers. They should care about your costs and care about your success. Your new VoIP should understand your needs and strive to meet them.

Your VoIP service provider should care about giving your customers the best first impression and guide them along to fit their individual needs. They should develop their service for your individual business needs, unlocking the power of scalability.

Flagman Telecom does all this and more. Their team strives to provide affordable VoIP services with superior insight and customer care. Their goal is to help you achieve success, with ease.

So, what are you waiting for?

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