How SMB Benefits From VoIP

null It is often assumed that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) isn’t very necessary for small businesses, and that they are used primarily by bigger businesses who may happen to experience more activity on a day to day basis. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In selecting the one that’s right for you and your SMB here at Flagman Telecom, VoIP can help to enhance the growth of your business through its multi-functionality. Instead of using a landline or analog phone line, as most businesses normally have in the past, VoIP grants its users the ability to make calls using a broadband internet connection.

This ability, in conjunction with its other features, makes it a perfect all-in-one phone that can help to grow the size and worth of your business through its multiple uses and benefits.

At Flagman Telecom, we do our best to help boost the growth of small businesses through the services of our VoIP phone service. With a low monthly cost and 24/7 support, growing your business with help from us will be made easy! There are several benefits to implementing a VoIP phone service from us as soon as possible …

■ Free Setup + Installation For Local Businesses

If you and your business happens to be located close-by to the companies office, or at least within a reasonable distance, Flagman Telecom will offer you a free setup and installation of the VoIP phone service. With a free setup and installation, you’ll seamlessly be able to see the importance of the features that become accessible with the use of a VoIP.

■ Every Feature For Everyone

The VoIP phone service Flagman Telecom offers comes with over 65 features, and every single one is available to every customer, no matter which level of subscription they are currently held at. The size of your company is not what matters, nor does the amount of items you have purchased from us. Growing your business is what’s important, at any level, so Flagman Telecom offers all of their VoIP features to every customer who enlists the services of them.

■ 24/7 Support

Around the clock, 24/7 customer support is offered by Flagman Telecom. Again, the size of your company is not important in this aspect. All-day support is available for any customer who is subscribed to any level of VoIP phone service. Problems can arise at any time of the day, and support will always be there to answer any questions you may have.

■ Custom Features

To help your specific business, Flagman Telecom is able to provide you with customized features that can be applicable to just your system. In certain situations, features may be more convenient for a small business if they were tweaked in a certain way. The ability to customize features for your VoIP phone features can help grow your company by allowing you to more efficiently make use of the services.

■ Data Storage

The sounds from the calls made from the phone you have selected over the broadband internet connection can be further converted to bits and pieces of data information and packets that can be stored, searched, copied and combined with other data. This data can be combined with your help desk / customer relationship management (CRM) system to gain some insight as to how to reach out to your customers better, and what areas you can improve in.

■ Call Quality

The sounds of the voices being converted over the broadband internet connection are hardly any noticeably different from calls made over a traditional landline. In a lot of cases, calls made over VoIP sound even better than landline or cell phone calls now. Speaking to clients, colleagues and partners will be made easy over one of our excellent VoIP phones.

■ No Contracts

Signing up for VoIP phone services with Flagman Telecom is a rather easy process, and you won’t have to commit to any long contracts. Payed on a monthly basis, you’ll pay a varying amount depending on how many users will be using the phone services. As a small business, having to stick to a long contract can be a tough decision, seeing that you may not be financially confident on the decision. Having the ability to pay for the services on a month to month basis, able to cancel at any time, can help to make the decision much easier for you and your small business.

■ Unlimited Calling

Throughout the United States and Canada, you are able to make an unlimited amount of calls with no additional charge. In order to get the most out of the services you pay for, Flagman Telecom encourages you to make as many calls as possible. The more calls you make using VoIP, the more you can see what features are the best for you, and which ones you may need to use more.

■ Low Pricing @ Flagman Telecom!

Users pay on a monthly basis for the VoIP phone services offered by Flagman Telecom. The amount varies depending on how many users will be using the phones. Having 1-6 users will cost $29.99 per month per user, having 7-20 users will cost $24.99 per user per month, and having 20+ users will cost $19.99 per user per month. There is a wide selection of phones to choose from, and these will vary in cost.

Get In Contact With Us!

Here at Flagman Telecom, we are more than eager to help you grow the success of your small business, and we truly believe that the implementation of VoIP phone services can help take you to the next level. The use of VoIP phone services has a multitude of benefits, ranging from multi-functionality, to great call quality, to 24/7 support here at Flagman Telecom! If you’d like to get in contact as soon as possible, call the number (844)-800-8008, toll free any time. You are also invited to use the self service quoting system, found on our website.