Advantages of a Virtual Phone Number through Flagman Telecom

null In your business, being able to use your phone at all times is essential. You can get your calls no matter where you are with a virtual phone number, even from a different device. For those who need to be reached outside of the office or anywhere at multiple offices around the world, a virtual phone number eliminates the hassle and costs of long-distance phone calls and streamlines your communication network to a single number.

There are many benefits to installing a virtual phone number through Flagman Telecom. These include their hardware options, diverse customization features, and devoted customer service representatives. This is a short guide to what the company can offer you and how a virtual phone number can change your business for the better.

You can’t beat the price

Price is probably on your mind when you’re looking at different telecom providers and many of them will let you down. However, Flagman Telecom doesn’t focus on clients with huge budgets — the top priority at Flagman is the services provided to its customers at prices they can afford.

Known for delivering advanced phone systems at competitive prices and for high-quality customer service, Flagman Telecom will take your phone services into the modern age. Whether it’s a new conference phone system or a mobile uplink, Flagman Telecom offers unbeatable services in its devoted community and beyond.

Same service regardless of size

Many of the other telecom providers offer different services depending on the size of the company being serviced. At Flagman Telecom, each client is treated equally, no matter the size. All 65+ features of the Flagman Telecom virtual telephone service are available to every client, no matter how large they are or how many numbers they purchase through the company.

Flagman Telecom prides itself on individualized services for each client, treating each one as though they’re family. Regardless of the company’s size, Flagman Telecom’s customer services are always available, and its technology options are customizable for any of your individual needs.

Free setup and installation is available for those within a reasonable distance of the Flagman office. This is part of Flagman Telecom’s continued devotion to supporting local businesses and remaining a valued member of its community. These services are representative of Flagman’s desire to connect with its clients and give them personalized services, sometimes without charging a thing.

Integrate personal and business

A virtual phone number allows you to create a split in your device that makes it function as both your personal and business phone. This means that your family and friends in your contacts can call you on your personal number, while your business contacts and colleagues can call a different number and reach the same phone.

Streamlining your communication this way keeps your communication circle compact and efficient. You can call different contacts from the same phone and they will receive different caller IDs from you, depending on whether they’re a personal or professional call.

Since running a business often involves this juggling act between home and professional life, a virtual phone number is one solution to consolidate communication and look more efficient and professional in the process.

Enjoy advanced features

A Flagman Telecom virtual phone number also has many conferencing features and notification options available.

The touchscreen conference phones will bring your conference room to the 21st century by pairing to your PC and mobile devices via Bluetooth and providing easy-to-use features to streamline your conference experience. This will not only improve the efficiency of your meetings but will also make you look more professional with your clients.

These conference phones feature excellent sound quality, which along with their wireless features helps create an engaging and sophisticated conference environment.

Any business owner, no matter the size of the business, knows that communication is a cornerstone of professionalism. The features of a virtual phone number when combined with Flagman Telecom technology make any office space more efficient and collaborative. There’s nothing that looks more professional than that.

Customize your experience

Just because Flagman Telecom prides itself on offering the same services to any company no matter the size doesn’t mean that it lacks customization options for those that want a more individualized service for their company office.

Custom-developed features are available for any of your virtual telephone needs, including mobile uplinks, different models, and extra features.

Some phone models come with touch screen interfaces and others feature iPad connectivity and other options. You can have phones connect to external speakers and even connect the conference to other mobile devices.

Flagman offers 24/7 remote assistance and customer services no matter which features you buy or how large your company is.

The importance of going toll-free

Getting a toll-free number is an essential step to opening up your business to new callers and new markets. Toll-free virtual telephone numbers will increase your sales and help you better promote your company’s latest offers.

Just as Flagman Telecom values direct, comfortable communication with its clients, a toll-free virtual telephone number will allow you to have the same relationship with your own clients. Depending on your business, it can make a huge impact on your sales and customer relations if your customers feel like they’re calling a person directly, rather than a coldhearted company.

The Takeaway

A virtual telephone number through Flagman Telecom will help your office advance into the modern age. Customization options for the numerous handsets, conference phones, and mobile uplink devices available through Flagman’s custom-made services give you an individualized technology service experience.

At the same time, Flagman Telecom prides itself on being a valued member of its community by offering free installation to any business near its corporate offices. They aim to treat each customer like a member of their valued community family. Advanced communication solutions through modern mobile technology is the way that they do it.

Call or email them at to get a quote today either with a professional service representative or the company’s self-service quoting system.