I. Introduction

This document is the privacy policy of Flagman Telecom, Inc. (“Flagman Telecom”) that covers endusers of Flagman Telecom services (“Customers”). Flagman Telecom respects the privacy of its Customers. This privacy policy describes the procedure of collecting and using information we receive from Customers.

Customers are those that have entered into an agreement to receive Flagman Telecom’s products and services.

II. Who We Are

Flagman Telecom offers voice, video and unified communications solutions for businesses. In specific, Flagman Telecom offers hosted communications services, contact centre, unified communications, video web conferencing, managed dedicated hosting, virtual private servers and more. Flagman Telecom is providing cloud services since 2012. Flagman Telecom customers include small to medium-sized businesses, distributed enterprise organizations and government agencies.

III. Our Contact Information

Flagman Telecom is located at 1200, Valley View Rd #203, Glendale, CA 91202. If any questions concerning Flagman Telecom’s privacy policies arise or there is a necessity to submit a complaint to Flagman Telecom about its privacy practices, Flagman Telecom may be contacted by email sent to:

IV. Information We Collect and How We Collect It

At the time a business entity becomes a Customer, Flagman Telecom may already have collected certain data on that business when it was considered a prospective customer.

Information from prospective Customers is collected through various ways, online and through offline communications, including in-person meetings, web forms, emails, phone calls. Contact information from representatives of prospective business Customers is also gathered, such as name, company name, address, email address, telephone number. In the course of interactions with these representatives, additional information may be collected from them, such as industry or revenues of the potential customer. Data appending methods to gather additional information may be used, such as reviewing biographical information posted on the Internet. Data on communications preferences of representatives is also gathered.

Information is also collected based on prospective Customers’ systems and behaviour in visiting our website pages and files on our website, including what kind of pages and/or files are viewed, the time when users view them, the period spent on each page, browser and operating system, Internet Protocol address, the domain associated with the said address, and location. Information is also collected based on prospective Customers’ behaviour related to opening, viewing emails, particularly if a user opens an email and how long it is viewed.

Information is also gathered by Flagman Telecom s from its website users. Flagman Telecom uses cookies to for collecting information from visitors. The said information is used for the purposes of analysing how visitors use our website and is aimed at the better matching of user experience with our website with their interests. Information concerning the search terms that website visitors have used for reaching the website is also gathered by Flagman Telecom.

After a prospective customer becomes a Customer, Flagman Telecom continue to preserve the information gathered when it was a prospective customer. The means described above are also exercised for collecting additional information from prospective Customers that become Customer.

For example, once prospective Customers enter into a service agreement with Flagman Telecom, we collect and preserve information about Customers’ agreement with Flagman Telecom, information on payment, and individual transactions related information. Also, we the information needed to deliver online services, support, and training to Customers is collected. For instance, we collect information Customers ‘registration to use our services, such as a user name and password for each individual account.

Moreover, information provided to us by you and/or others in connection with your use of our services is gathered as well. That includes phone numbers you dial or provide to our services, service set-up information, service configurations and settings, recorded calls, messages, voicemails, incoming and outgoing faxes, user-saved or stored content shared among users, email and text communications, and call centre Customer information provided to us. Reports and information stored on your account are generated by our systems the said system-generated information in connection with your account is preserved by Flagman Telecom.

V. Information Sharing

Some portion of the information that is gathered and maintained by Flagman Telecom under the present policy may be in the possession of third parties that are involved for the delivery of Flagman Telecom’s products and services and data processing. These third parties are required to protect the information at hand with at least the same privacy and security controls that apply to our own collection, storage, and use of the information. For example, the above referred third parties have agreed to keep the stored information confidential and not to deploy or disclose that information without our prior authorization.

We are authorised to share and/or transfer your information related to future or actual sale, reorganization, merger or other transfer of our business (including under bankruptcy proceedings Your information can also be disclosed and/or shared if a request or demand for such information is received in the form of: A court order for disclosing such information; What we are convinced (in our sole discretion) is a lawful process in a criminal investigation or proceeding, including but not limited to any search warrant, subpoena, court order; Judicial or administrative process in civil proceedings, including but not limited to subpoenas and/or discovery requests; or A national security letter or any similar request from any state or federal law enforcement agency.

We bear no responsibility of any kind of notifying you of the receipt of such a request or demand.

We are authorised to share and/or transfer your information if we are convinced (in our sole discretion) that the said sharing or transfer is required under applicable law in force.

Any information which is not personally identifiable, such as aggregated information without personally identifiable elements and any de-identified or anonymized information can also be shared by Flagman Telecom. For example, as a publicly traded company, Flagman Telecom has obligation of submitting reports to different administrative bodies. When we do so, Flagman Telecom may possibly provide aggregate statistics about customers, sales, and traffic patterns. No personally identifiable information shall be included in such reports or statistics.

Except as set forth above, it is Flagman Telecom’s policy not to share with third parties any information that is gathered under the present policy without your prior permission. Flagman Telecom’s business does not imply sale or rent of any lists of Customers or their representatives.

VI. Use of the Information Collected

The information gathered from Customers is used to complete transactions with us, such as by billing the Customer. Contact and transactional information is also used for the purposes of delivering equipment and other products purchased by the Customer. online services and control access to these services are also provided, with information such as user names and passwords.

Flagman Telecom uses the information collected from customer for the purposes of delivering the products or services purchased by the Customer.

The collected information is also used for communicating with our customers and offering other products and services to them. The gathered information may be used to communicate with Customers in order to respond to their inquiries and provide support. Customers’ representatives may be contacted by electronic communications, such as emails, newsletters, and white papers; postal mail; phone calls.

We are authorised to use information collected to investigate and help prevent unlawful or potentially unlawful activity that threatens to wither Flagman Telecom, any company affiliated with Flagman Telecom, and/or any of our respective Customers.

The option of setting certain communications preferences is reserved by Customer. For example, when information is collected from you, you have the right of telling us that you do not want us to use the information provided for further marketing contact. An opt-out option is offered by all electronic communications.

We maintain information about former Customers, until we delete the information as per our document retention and deletion practices and policies.

VII. How We Safeguard the Collected Information

Flagman Telecom uses industry-standard level administrative, technical, and physical safeguards for the purposes of protecting the confidentiality of the collected information as per the stipulations of the current policy from security threats that reasonably can be anticipated. Such threats include unauthorized access, use, or disclosures of the collected information.

VIII. Ability to Access or Change Information

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the information that we maintain on file for you, please contact us via sending email to:

If you wish to change, add to, or delete information about you, please contact us via sending email to: