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What Do Customers Really Want from Telecom Companies?

Customer experience management is one of the crucial components of success for a telecommunication company. Recent world events, i.e., COVID-19, wars, etc., surged customer demand and expectations for services that telecommunication companies provide. The immense surge is evident, especially within the B2B sector – businesses are affected the most, right? Now, more than ever, companies all over the world, including the US ones, need high-quality telecommunication services capable of meeting their business needs and wants. But, what do customers really want from telecom companies?


In the era of mass customization, people are already used to standard customer service with beautiful, welcoming phrases, pleasant offerings, and many more. Businesses searching for telecom companies already know what most telecoms will tell them. That’s why they want something new and personalized. If a telecom company is eager to appeal to the customer, it should take a customized approach towards that individual/business. The largest telecom companies in the US, like Flagman Telecom, always ensure that their solutions are custom-designed for the business that applied to them for help. Let’s not forget that every business is unique, and business needs differ from one company to another. It’s impossible to offer the same thing to each and every business and expect everyone to succeed. One will definitely work out well, but others will fail, and the failure of these businesses will be on the shoulders of the telecom company that didn’t customize its customer approach. Do we want that? Of course not! Besides, not every business will buy the cliché offerings – it’s not easy to persuade businesses to spend money on a widespread product. So, let’s dig deeper into how telecom companies may customize the services they offer to win the hearts of your customers.

VoIP Phone System

One of the recent discoveries in the telecommunication industry is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. It’s the best way of winning the hearts of your customers, and Flagman Telecom has already felt how beneficial it is. For you to understand how much customers love it, here is a review of Flagman Telecom services provided through the VoIP business phone system. Dr. Armen Karapetyan from LA Beauty Skin Center mentioned, “We have worked with Flagman Telecom for many years, almost 10 years, and it’s a very reliable company. We get hundreds of calls a day and we never had an issue. They always respond. They’re good with their communication and the services. I highly recommend them.” Such a recommendation doesn’t come in response to beautiful phrases. Customers just see all the advantages of partnering up with the VoIP phone system provider – Flagman Telecom. 

Flagman Telecom

The Advantages of VoIP Phone System

#1 Reduced Cost Per Call

The name itself suggests how VoIP business phone service is provided – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Did you guess it already? Instead of integrating multiple traditional phone lines to connect two sides of the phone call, VoIP phone services are provided through one of the following affordable ways:

  • Your Internet connection
  • Direct IP connection to your telecom company
  • The combination of both

No matter the distance of the phone call, there is no need to think of how much you’re going to be charged per call. This means that business VoIP phone service tackles long distances too. It may be hard to believe, but subscribing to VoIP phone service providers will decrease your phone bills by about 40%. This is an advantage that small businesses love because they need an affordable solution for their communication needs – VoIP phone system for small business is there to help. 

#2 Access to Mobility

Everyone knows how energy-consuming traditional phone systems are when the business is mostly mobile and constantly changes locations. The traditional phone line assigned to the workplace has specific codes that should be accessed if you’re about to make a call outside the office. It’s a headache! The VoIP business phone system allows businesses to communicate on the go. This means that businesses can communicate without physical limitations with a VoIP phone system. You can make that important call with the best VoIP phone service no matter where you go. 

#3 Increased Productivity

VoIP phone systems support multitasking! Yes, if you choose a telecom company that is a VoIP phone provider, then you will never lag behind your work schedule regardless of circumstances. So many features become available with VoIP phone systems that you cannot even imagine! With VoIP phone service for business, you start multitasking, and your productivity surges. Suppose you are late to work, but you need to go through the missed calls from your clients at that moment. Assumedly, you need to scroll through the missed calls, but with a traditional phone system, you can’t “scroll through calls.” Guess what? The VoIP phone system allows you to read all the missed calls thanks to voicemail-to-text transcriptions directly sent to you via email. Despite being late, you are still on track with your daily working schedule! Let’s not forget that some telecom companies in the US, like Flagman, can create customized features to accommodate your business needs. So, choose a VoIP phone provider and enjoy full personalization and advanced internal and external communication systems features. 

#4 Higher Call Quality 

Did you get complaints from customers regarding sudden call interruptions, poor voice quality, and similar issues? With a VoIP phone system, you will forget about such matters. The voice and call quality of the VoIP phone system is impressively good because the system works based on either your Internet connection, direct IP connection to your telecom company, or the combination of both – no traditional phone lines. In contrast with traditional phone lines, VoIP phone service has good bandwidth and robust connection at its core, which is key to high-quality calls. 

#5 Flexibility

With VoIP phone services, you are the one in charge of all the calls in your company. Recently, some giant companies like Coca-Cola eliminated voicemail because they regarded it an additional burden for the customer support team. Indeed, what they integrated into the company instead is a VoIP phone system. They did so because, with VoIP, you can choose the duration and the location of all the calls entering your company. For instance, you can configure the system in a way that if one specialist doesn’t answer the call after it rings three times, the call is being transmitted to the second specialist, and so on until answered. So, you can still eliminate voicemail if it doesn’t fit your business model and be confident that you’ll have no missed calls. 

Not only do you become flexible with calls but with essential documents too. If you need to send a critical document ASAP through fax, the VoIP phone system provides you with the opportunity to e-fax it without waiting for several days. 

The most crucial part of the flexibility of the VoIP phone system is that even power outages won’t ruin your working day. You may wonder how that is possible if the system functions mainly via the Internet. So, here is the thing: with the option of choosing the location of the incoming call, you can configure the call to be forwarded to your mobile or laptop if it doesn’t get answered at the office. See, no way to miss a call – you will answer it regardless of circumstances. 

Flagman Telecom

24/7 Customer Support

Well, having the ultimate VoIP phone service available for your customers is a huge plus. However, there’s much more to what customers really want from a telecom company. If you look at Flagman’s reviews, customers constantly mention 24/7 customer support as something they prioritize. Dr. Armen Karapetyan from LA Beauty Skin Center mentioned, “We have worked with Flagman Telecom for many years, almost 10 years, and it’s a very reliable company. We get hundreds of calls a day and we never had an issue. They always respond. They’re good with their communication and the services. I highly recommend them.”  Another client, Advance LED Supply, mentioned, “We’ve been using Flagman Telecom since 2014. We love all of their features, the simplicity that helps our business and their great customer service.” Did you notice that both of them mentioned great customer service and 24/7 availability? Flagman provides the best VoIP phone system, but that’d never be enough to fulfill customer needs, wants, and expectations. Customers should always feel how important they are for the company. The feeling of importance should be transferred to them through the proper treatment and constant availability to solve any issue they encounter. Such caring support should be displayed towards the customer on a daily basis – no day-offs!

Final Note

So far, we have covered the top 3 things that customers want from telecom companies:

  • Personalization
  • VoIP Phone System
  • 24/7 Customer Support

These are just a few things that customers expect to get from telecoms, but these are the most crucial ones. These 3 make up the fundament of a loyal customer base. Just keep in mind that one won’t work without the other. For instance, if you become a VoIP phone service provider without prioritizing customer support, your customers won’t be happy. You should definitely think of ways to combine these three things – personalization, VoIP phone system, and 24/7 customer support – to win the hearts of your customers. 

You can look at Flagman Telecom as an example because they have made their customers happy for many years already! 

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