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Buyer Persona Significance: Why is it Important to Create Value for Customers?

Everyone knows about Apple, right? It’s a one-of-a-kind company that proactively meets customer wants and needs. In other words, Apple creates the demand before the customer realizes that he or she has it. Other companies work the other way around – they fulfill customer wants and needs that customers already have. So, what stands behind the success of Apple? Turns out, the golden rule for Steve Jobs, as he puts it, is “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” And that’s it – all you need to do is know your customer to succeed! Here you may wonder how it is possible to know your customer so close that you start creating the need they don’t know about yet. I’d suggest continuing reading and finding out.


The Buyer Persona Significance: 5 Reasons

Actually, these days “knowing your customer” has become a trend that every business looks up to. They want to find the ideal customer profile, but few of them know how to do it. Not to mention, few of them understand why having the ideal customer profile is essential. Have you ever heard the term buyer persona? It stands for the ideal customer profile. So, why is having a buyer persona significant?

#2 Create Targeted Content

After identifying your customer’s needs and wants, you gain the capability of creating targeted content that clearly touches the pain points of your customers. After knowing what your customers want and need from you, there is a greater probability that you would have a solid appeal to them through the content you create. Keep in mind that creating targeted content based on your buyer persona is vital because what interests you as a business owner may be utterly uninteresting to your customer. So, don’t initiate self-destruction because of ambitions; better craft your buyer persona and stick to it for good. 

#3 Know Your Customer Regardless of the Market Trends

The best part of identifying your buyer persona is that no matter what the trends are at that particular moment, how they change, or how the market shifts, your customer always stays with you because they see the value you create, especially for them. In comparison to businesses that don’t have a buyer persona, you could do your work without stressing over the thought that your customer may go away. When a company is driven by market trends rather than by the ideal customer, it eventually gets shut down. So, better have your buyer persona and stand out amidst the competition.

#4 Save on Inbound Marketing

The non-paid marketing technique that the largest telecom companies in the US like Flagman Telecom rely on – word of mouth – gets to work. When a business has its ideal customer profile, like Flagman Telecom company, the customer that gets attached to the company starts bringing others who fit the profile of the company’s buyer persona. And that is how the business’s customer base gets linked to unstoppable growth. Especially in the telecommunication industry, word of mouth works the best. Every sales campaign that a telecommunication company does affects its ideal customer and those who surround that individual. Wouldn’t you consider the referral of a trusted family member or friend? Of course, you would!

#5 See Through the Customer's Purchasing Decisions

Sometimes when selling your product, you may encounter a challenge of buyer acquisition. This may happen simply because you don’t know where to find your customer. With a buyer persona, you would know where your customer is 95% of the time. This will allow you to get your product showcased in front of them at the right time. And the best part? They find your content in the very place they love to spend most of their time anyway. This is the beauty of an indirect sale.

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How to Create the Buyer Persona: The Main Components

As long as we’ve got the meaning of buyer persona significance, let’s see what components it should have to impact the company at the maximum. Not to overwhelm you with all the research and science behind buyer persona identification, just take the checklist below and start crafting your ideal customer profile.


The main components are:

  • Background – demographic details
  • Professional Experience – job position, time period, etc.
  • Attitudes – motivations, likes, dislikes, etc.
  • Source of Information – where the customer starts the buyer journey
  • Goals – both primary goals and secondary goals
  • Pain points – what the customer fears, lacks, etc.
  • Preferences – social media platforms, restaurants, communication type, etc.
  • Surroundings – friends, family members, colleagues
  • Personality type – extrovert, introvert, etc.

Even though these are the main components of the ideal customer profile, don’t limit yourself to the checklist. Try to think according to the industry you are in. If we take the telecommunication industry, this checklist is good to go. 

How Identifying a Buyer Persona Automatically Creates Customer Value

After identifying the buyer persona, there is nothing else left to do to create customer value. When you know your customer well, you already know what will please them. This gives you a strong understanding of how to work on the product/service you provide to deliver superior value. 

To illustrate, Flagman Telecom company knows that its customers look for enhanced business communications. That is why the company provides customized VoIP phone services that encompass advanced phone features. Additionally, this telecommunication company knows that its customers are busy entrepreneurs that don’t have time to wait. Considering this, they integrate into their telecommunication services the voicemail waiting to relieve a customer’s pain and provide the best VoIP phone service available in the region.

By knowing who your customer is, multiple things get clear and ease your work of delivering value alongside the product/service. Without the buyer persona, Flagman Telecom company could never deliver a VoIP phone system for small businesses with such a value that it does today. The absolute best part here is that this telecommunication company in the US gains customer value creation benefits. In other words, companies that create value always gain it back. 

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3 Benefits of Creating Customer Value

#1 Fostering Customer Loyalty

Everyone knows that creating a customer-brand bond is of utmost importance to business success. So do telecommunication companies in the US. When a company identifies its buyer persona and starts automatically creating value for its customers, the first-time buyer makes the purchase from the company and stays satisfied from the experience because the business has already envisioned how everything will be. Then, that first-time buyer returns to that particular brand which slowly fosters customer loyalty towards the company. 

#2 Saving Costs in the Long-Term

Marketing costs, i.e., advertisements, promotional events, etc., are the highest for every business. Believe it or not, by having your buyer persona identified, you gain the power of saving costs in the long term. As a result, you start creating value for your customers with the buyer persona you have, which fosters customer loyalty and organically spreads the word about your business. So, sooner or later, your business gets popular among your targeted audience because of how you talk to your customer. Even companies in the telecommunication industry know that no matter how high the competition is and how demanding the clients are, savings will accumulate in the long run. 

#3 Creating Differentiation

Finally, when you create customer value derived from identifying your ideal customer, you start creating differentiation – the key to being ahead in the competition. By delivering superior value to your customer just by knowing them really well, you increase their willingness to pay, resulting in retaining customers no matter what competitors offer. Plus, by knowing your customer well, you get the gist of their tastes and preferences, which allows you to craft the proper branding that will definitely appeal to them. With the right branding, your customers will pay the price you want for your product and even higher.

Final Note

So, no matter what industry you are in, even if you own a telecommunication company in such a competitive market like the US, be confident that you will create the customer value that will eventually benefit your business if you have identified your buyer persona. Flagman Telecom company has already felt the advantage of the cycle – so can you.

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