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What Is VoIP QoS in 2021

How Can I Configure VoIP QoS?

VoIP QoS is a function handled by your network router. Almost all modern business routers will offer QoS functionality and some even have this configured by default. The Draytek Vigor V2865 series, for example, offers an ‘Auto Voice’ VLAN that automatically prioritizes VoIP calls as they pass through the router without the need for additional configuration.

If your router doesn’t offer QoS, then this is not something that you’ll be able to take advantage of, since it’s the intelligence built into the router that provides a means of interfacing with your network traffic through the use of routing rules.

For the modern workplace, QoS is even more useful because it allows for the prioritisation of video data as well as voice data. Those using a unified communications platform like Yay.com will be able to configure their router to allow low-latency video conferencing for meetings between remote workers and those in-office.

How Important Is It to Configure VoIP QoS?

If you use a router without QoS options, or if you neglect to configure it, there will be consequences for the quality of your VoIP calls. The busier your network, the more likely you are to experience such problems.

QoS was originally introduced as a means of dealing with packet loss and jitter, both issues which can result in a problematic caller experience. We’d therefore certainly recommend configuring VoIP QoS if your router allows for it and, if it does not, purchasing a business router that offers this functionality.


Business networks are put through their paces daily, with large numbers of clients connecting to various access points to send and receive large quantities of network traffic.

If your experience with VoIP hasn’t met your expectations thus far, it could be worth looking at the quality of your network hardware and how it is configured. If the quality hardware needed to support VoIP, alongside every other demand your business places on its network every day, is not present, you are likely to run into issues.

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