Top 10 Industries That Will Benefit From VoIP

null In today’s day and age, so long as you have a good internet connection, you can opt for VoIP system over an old traditional telephone line. It has revolutionized communication for businesses by giving them a level of quality they had never had before as well as cutting costs and being ahead of the curve. Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a phone service using the internet as opposed to typical broadband lines that provides clear audio and a number of other features intended to help the workflow of your business. Many businesses and users have found that VoIP has helped their productivity and cut costs, and its popularity grows every day. With that being said, lets take a look at the top 10 industries that will benefit from VoIP and why that is.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare institutions rely heavily upon trustworthy communication and for hospitals and clinics, a proper phone system is critical. Whether it be a hospital, clinic, rehab or urgent care center, it is key that the calls going in and out are made quickly and with clarity. VoIP systems provide just that. VoIP systems offer features and menus that streamline communication as well as make it easier to forward and transfer calls. This is extremely important in hospital or any healthcare professional workplace environment.

2. Hotels

If there is anything that comes in and out of hotels more than customers checking in, it would be phone calls. Phone calls are more often than not, the foundation of their business, as prospect customers call in to make a reservation and that is often times the first impression that they have of the hotel in question.

The ability to smoothly and quickly forward calls between VoIP phones is a godsend to those conducting business booked largely over the phone. Especially if those calls are coming in from overseas, which adds up with traditional lines.

3. Banks

Being that one of the things that VoIP has to offer is security, it is no wonder that one of the industries that by far has the most to gain from VoIP is banking. In the world of banking, there is a wealth of calls being made, some of which may contain sensitive information, and using a service that provides airtight security is a no brainer.

The clarity and ease of transfer of VoIP calls is not only good for those within the banking industry, but also those that are banking with the financial institution at hand. Even if and when you have to leave your customers on hold, you can customize a nice hold tone or song for them that will make the wait just fine.

4. Air Travel

The air travel industry is so large and with so many moving parts, that it has had the reputation for years now as having poor communication. That is because for years they have relied on standard phone lines that don’t maximize the communication performance that can be afforded with a VoIP service.

Airlines have so many calls coming in every day, many of which are naturally going to be long distance as it is a travel service. Making the jump from traditional lines to VoIP has clear and significant benefits that will cut costs, help their employees, and make their consumer have an easier experience.

5. Customer Service

The customer service business is conducted almost exclusively via phone calls. Because of that, choosing a calling option that cuts costs and aids workflow has innumerable benefits.

You can customize how calls are transferred between agents and make for the most efficient flow of calls. VoIP will help customer service-based businesses by streamlining their current process and cutting costs.

6. Real Estate

The real estate industry has a lot to gain from switching to VoIP. Realtors and agencies that have already made the switch benefit from the streamlined and clear calls as well as being forwarded messages transcribed in emails.

Realtor offices receive many calls and while the realtors are often out on business, having a VoIP system to quickly forward important calls is a godsend.

7. Retail

The retail industry at all levels is largely dominated by phone calls. Whether it be stores or the corporation behind them, the retail industry needs clear, cheap and uninterrupted calls to function properly.

VoIP’s added organizational features can also be of great use. The ability to opt to have calls automatically transferred to the first available employee can save time and keep the customers happy. That’s just good for business. You can also use your VoIP to send mass texts with the latest deals.

8. Education

While different than other businesses, education is an industry. High volumes of money go in and out, but if there is one thing that a college is inundated with, it is phone calls.

The infrastructure of a college relies on phones spread over a large campus. Having them be wireless makes for smoother calls and a neater workspace. Not only will it impress students and their parents, it will save money and improve the operation.

The customization VoIP offers would be very useful for a college as it could be tailored towards their student base.

9. Insurance

The vast insurance industry is operated and conducted mostly over the phone. The ability to easily log and secure phone calls with VoIP makes it ideal for the insurance industry especially when it comes to tracking claims and adequately following up on them.

The message transcription features of VoIP would also be a great help to insurance companies.

10. Travel Agencies

Travel agents do their job by taking a customer’s call and doing the best that they can to fulfill their request. It is common for these calls to come from all over, so the cheaper calls that VoIP offers could save thousands.

It also doesn’t hurt that VoIP offers the clearest audio possible and automatic call forwarding which keeps the agency going even when an agent has to step away.

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