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The World Needs More Kindness: Eternal Nation Foundation​

The world needs more kindness and charity that corporate socially responsible businesses are obliged to give back to make the world a better place to live in. Fundraising events are one of the ways to add to the greater good. Eternal Nation Foundation is among entities that encompass charitable events. This year, Flagman Telecom supported  the Eternal Nation Foundation to help organize Telethon 2021 – one of the greatest charities of the year. Let’s see what it brought in. 

Eternal Nation Foundation

2021 has been a year of recovery for Armenians. The recovery would have been impossible without the Eternal Nation Foundation, which delivers restorative healthcare services to injured Armenians of the new generation intending to rebuild their young yet already eventful lives. Considering that these people got injured from all the catastrophes and wars throughout 2020, Eternal Nation Foundation signifies the restoration of their lives through a rehabilitative healthcare system. To achieve the full recovery of the heroes, Eternal Nation Foundation organized Telethon 2021 in collaboration with Flagman Telecom to raise money for providing both short-term and long-term restorative healthcare services to these people.

What is Telethon 2021?

The word itself combines television with a marathon, which is quite self-explanatory. This one is a televised fundraising event specially organized for charitable purposes directed towards making the recovery of the impacted Armenian new generation a reality. Indeed, the main goal behind organizing such an event is to strengthen the organization’s finances so that it can aid the realization of the greater good. Thanks to this event, the Eternal Nation Foundation is capable of crafting a better and healthier future for Armenia. Nevertheless, in events like Telethon, one of the most important things is ensuring that everyone is connected and the connection is uninterrupted, right? Then, we all know that Flagman will help there.

Why Flagman?

Flagman Telecom company believes that every business needs to give back to society. Yes, Flagman cares! This time, Flagman supports the Eternal Nation Foundation in the framework of the Telethon event. Considering that Flagman, a top telecommunication company, provides the best VOIP phone system and VOIP phone service, no one other than Flagman should have taken the place of Eternal Nation Foundation’s partner in the framework of this event. Flagman is not only one of the best telecommunication equipment suppliers in California but also one of the best VOIP phone service providers in the region. Undoubtedly, a televised fundraising event encompassing the achievement of such a meaningful goal should be supported with high-quality equipment and unlimited nationwide calling. Flagman has it all.

Final Note

This is an exciting occasion that will make a better future for Armenian society and bring a healthier tomorrow into reality. Flagman x Eternal Nation Foundation will make the world a better and healthier place together for all the Armenians impacted by catastrophes and wars in the past. Let’s move towards the greater good! This time, the greater good got implemented thanks to raising $480,531 through Telethon 2021. 

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