How VoIP Can Help You Deliver to Your Clients, Fast

null The tempo of the world around you could give Eddie Van Halen’s fingers a run for their money. Is there an end to this acceleration? The short answer, is no.

The world will likely only get faster with the implementation of better technology. Humans have really outdone themselves. Turns out, some people are pretty smart. When you lump all of the best minds together, you get something incredible; powerful forward advancement.

It’s easy to fall behind in the rat race. Especially for a small business, who may already be struggling to survive. As a business owner, striving to succeed, you may have a lot of questions in your mind.

How do you keep up with other competitors? Your budget is only big enough to harbor your current staff size, how do you expand?

This article is not intended to explain every method of expansion to you. What it is designed to show you, is a method for efficiency and expansion that could become invaluable for your company’s growth and success in the future.

Knowledge Means Fast

You’ve probably heard of the cardinal business rule that states, «time is money.» The more efficient that your company is at handling your clients, the more money that you and your clients can make.

«The clients?» You ask.

Yes! Your clients have their own lives and their own work to do. They may have their own businesses to run. This means that they don’t want to spend half of their day, explaining to representative after representative the same problem, inquiry, or request that they might be seeking answers for.

This is where the «power of knowledge» comes in, sweeping your customers off their feet, to fall in love with your personalized customer service that efficiently fits their needs, fast.

How can a VoIP Service Provider Give Your Company «the power of knowledge?»

VoIP service providers use CDCs (Call Disposition Codes) and Contact Tags, to streamline customer experience. Prestigious terms aside, the focus of these features is one thing: Getting you information about your customers, so that you can best serve them with a personalized experience, more quickly.

These CDCs are the caller’s information, the numbers they call from, and all of the notes that your representatives have taken down about that specific customer. The Contact Tags give your agents easy access to the caller’s name, so that they can be addressed personally.

As soon as an agent picks up a call, the caller’s information is all at their fingertips. All the notes from past calls, where they live, what they have purchased before, what service plan they are currently on, ect.

All of it, right in front of your agent.

Instead of having to ask for the caller’s name, or any other information that would regularly be asked, this enables your representatives to greet them by name. This alone saves a few seconds, to minutes. Profit-cutting minutes, that add up.

Woah! Woah! Woah! Don’t get ahead of yourself!

How did your caller land on this call in front of this specific agent, anyway?

Well, first your caller was screened through a personable automated attendant, who gathered information about the needs of your client.

How Does an Automated Attendant Help Streamline Your Customer Service?

An automated attendant is an important feature to have from your VoIP service provider. It shouldn’t be an impersonally rough experience for your caller, either. This is why it is important that your VoIP service provider genuinely cares about your business and your customers.

Your provider gathers tons of data about all your callers, effectively gleaning knowledge from their feedback about the fluidity of their experience. The automated attendant should be adaptive, constantly becoming more effective at solving new problems that are tailored to your customer’s needs.

With a VoIP service provider that cares, the questions that the automatic attendant asks, will become increasingly effective at categorizing client’s needs.

After your client’s primary needs are identified, how does your client get transfered, and to whom?

This is where your VoIPs ACD comes to steal the show.

How Does Your VoIPs ACD Effectively Send Callers to the Right Person?

What does ACD stand for? No, it is not a shortened version of a legendary rock band’s title, but your caller’s could listen to some of their music if they have to hold for a moment. ACD stands for (Automated Call Distribution.)

What does it do?

An ACD works differently than older call distribution systems. Rather than the caller choosing a directory themselves, the ACD uses the data gathered by the automated attendant to send your caller to the person with the most expertise, in relation to the caller’s needs.

If the caller needs tech support for their washing machine, the automated attendant will get the best information possible, and the ACD will send them to the person on your staff that has the most experience in washing machine tech.

If no one is available who can help them, they might have to listen to «Back in Black» for a bit. Their call will go through when someone is available, or it will be forced through if they are waiting too long. All of these features will be adjusted by your VoIP service provider and tailored to your specific needs.

This call center software will result in you cutting down on costs, because it enables you to hire less phone receptionists, while still accurately contexting calls to the correct departments. This can unlock previously untapped scalability for your company.

Implementing this software into your company’s growth scheme can help you to go through caller’s fast, by helping them with their needs in an efficient and personal way. Good service shows that you care about your customers.

A good VoIP service provider knows this. A great VoIP service provider works hard to do this.

That is the mission of Flagman Telecom. To provide you with competitively priced, affordable VoIP services that fit your needs. Their team makes it easy to implement these new services and unlock the scalability of your growing company.

Do you want an insightful VoIP service provider who genuinely cares about you and your customers.

Unleash Streamlined Customer Service Delivery Today With VoIP!

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