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Choosing the Right Call Center Software for Growth

Growing businesses are like growing children. They have a healthy appetite. Kids eat. The bigger they become, the more they eat.

The food enters the mouth of a child and passes to the stomach, where it is digested. The valuable nutrients are then passed to the rest of the body through their complex vascular system.

As the child grows larger, their bodies naturally must develop new vascular channels to the new areas of their body.

After the food is delivered the central nervous system sends back information to the child’s brain. A wealth of data is collected and analyzed for efficiency and adjustments are made from the insight. This process repeats, and the child’s body becomes more effective at delivering proper nutrients, each time.

This system is automated and effective. It is adaptable and intelligent.

Your business is not unlike a growing child.

It needs food to survive. A growing child may eat a hamburger, but your business prefers consumers over beef. The larger that your business becomes, the more adaptations that you need to make for directing traffic and collecting insights.

This is how your business can survive, grow, even flourish.

Choosing Call Center Software for Directing Traffic With Intellect

If you are a small business that wishes to grow and achieve scalability, having call center software can be a powerful asset. How can having a call center help your business?

Learn how this versatile software can improve the way your business gets things done, by refining your approaches and improving your customer’s experience.

Features to Consider When Choosing Call Center Software

ACD (Automated Call Distribution)

This can be an invaluable tool to your business. Your callers are the nutrients for your business. An efficient ACD works differently than older call directing systems. The older systems are directory based systems in which the caller directs themselves, by selecting a directory from the menus.

With an ACD system in place, the callers are directed based on how they answer questions about why they are actually calling and who they actually are. Data is collected, by the software, and adaptations are made to make directing more efficient.

Instead of being placed on hold in the directory they have selected, the caller is «parked» on hold (with nice calling music, or audio of your choice) in the larger, company directory. They are transferred based on their needs to the representative with the most skill on the subject, who is the least busy.

By using the collected data, you can also develop new areas of your company to fit the needs of your consumers. Since your business needs customers it is paramount to fit their needs perfectly. This software can help you to do that with deep insight backed by tons of data that shifts and changes with the needs of your people.

CDPs (Call Disposition Codes) and Contact Tags

You know that your business needs to fit your customers needs, perfectly. After all, this is about them, right?

These CDPs and Contact tag features are great for letting your customers know that you care about them, personally. How nice does it feel when you make a call, and the person on the other end calls you by name?

It just feels better, doesn’t it?

These CDPs and CTs can help you to make your callers feel just like that; cared about. They allow for your representatives to make notes about callers, identifying them by numbers and saving them into a database.

When the same caller reaches out, any representative that answers the call will automatically have the notes for that caller and their name at their fingertips. This allows for personable and comfortable customer service, while simultaneously helping the caller to get the unique help they each need.

Call Recording, Call Control, and Business Hours Optimization

Your business needs control to ensure that your customers receive optimal service, every time. These features help you to take the reigns, defining the image you put forth with careful insights.

Call Recording features, allows you to keep and review calls between clients and representatives, ensuring that your employees are representing you properly. As your business grows it becomes more difficult, even impossible to manage each employee.

Eventually, you have representatives taking hundreds of calls. Without call recording software, you will end up having to hire more managers to overview your employees. This call monitoring feature can cut down on those costs, while making quality control easier.

Call Control features give you decisive control over how calls to your business are handled. One choice that your agents will have is the choice between a blind transfer and a warm transfer. What does this mean?

A call transfer is when one representative needs to pass a call to another, for whatever reason, to fulfill the caller’s needs. When using call center software, your representative will have two ways to do this.

The first is called a blind transfer, the call goes through with no wait time for the caller. The caller then probably has to explain their issue again to the next agent. This can become frustrating for a caller and could lose you business!

warm transfer can fix this issue. It allows your representatives a temporary hold time during the transfer, so that the agent who took the call can explain the caller’s issues to the representative that will further assist them.

This is much better for the customer and your business, as it will likely reduce call times in lieu of efficient communication.

Ring Group Transfers

This unique feature makes it possible to add departments to your communications system. It allows your representatives to transfer to a single person, or a group of people with the necessary expertise.

This feature makes working conditions better while helping your customers to get to the right place.

Easy Conference Calling

You can use this feature to add multiple outside people to your conversation. This is great for developing projects, or solving issues. If you don’t have the right person with the right expertise, bring ‘em in!

Business Hours Optimization

This can help to communicate to your customers when your business will be open for their calls. Any time that your hours change, in any department, you can have your call center software reflect the information to the customer.

Any time you make a change, the call center will make it easy to update so your customers don’t become confused.


Call center software can give you valuable insight on your customers and employees. It can help you to streamline your customer service and caller support systems. This software can help you to show your callers, that you and your business care about each of them, personally.

Flagman Telecom can help you to fulfill all these needs at extremely competitive rates. They make it easy and offer quick, free installation so that you can unlock scalability and premium customer service for your business. Why are their rates so good?

Because Flagman Telecom genuinely cares about you and your customers.

Call Flagman Telecom and show your customers how much you care!

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