Business Communications Industry Trends

null Just like any other, the business communications industry is in state of constant change and progress. New standards and trends within the industry are constantly popping up, grasping all of our attention and then moving on to make way for the new one.

Of course there are some trends that are sure to stay the course for a long time and even some that have set a new standard, but nonetheless, there are always new trends to look out for when it comes to the business communications industry.

Most of the trends that you will notice pop up and stay in the business communications industry are things that boost productivity and/or lower costs while offering quality customer service. With that said, let us explore some of the popular business communications industry trends being used today.

Cloud Hosted Services

The concept of cloud-based services is nothing new, however in the world of business communications, they are becoming more popular than ever. Over the course of the last two to three years, more and more have businesses been moving their communication system over to cloud computing services such as cloud hosted VoIP systems.

It makes sense for communications businesses to want to switch to a system that lets you compile, record and secure information as efficiently as a cloud hosted system does. Businesses often find their way to cloud hosted systems when they weigh the risks of falling victim to hackers and the subsequent negative data breaches that come with the territory.

Cloud hosted VoIP services are not only effective and good organizational tools, they are a safety net for the business communications industry.

Modern Mobility

With many businesses needing to take their operations on the road whether it be to visit clients face to face or head out to an important meeting, you can expect that a lot of cellular data is going to be used. Staying up to date on the latest advancements

Currently, 5g is the latest wireless technology to allow users to conduct business and follow up on customer requests from anywhere under the sun. In order to smoothly organize and integrate all of your wireless implements, using the latest and highest tech generation is a must for optimal communication.

This allows for video or VoIP communication at the fastest and clearest quality whether you are outside the office or in it, or even after business hours.

Platform Integration

Of all of the latest communications-based industry trends to come up over the last few years, possibly the most useful is cross platform integration. Cross platform integration is when you connect all of your business’s communication information, i.e. website, apps and social media, and more so that you can access all of their data in one destination.

With ease of access to all of the valuable information you can get from knowing how trafficked your site is, how users are interacting with your posts and messages and where any of your systems need to improve, establishing cross platform integration is key to maintaining good communications practices.

Social Intranet

While it may not seem like some advanced technical achievement in the world of business communications, social intranet has become more and more popular as a valuable tool to companies. And more than anything, the employees within said companies.

Social intranet is essentially a website used by a business exclusively for their employees for the sake of efficiently communicating with one another. Simple I know, but often times the best ideas are just that. It not only streamlines the communication between employees within a business, but it also fosters stronger and deeper collaboration amongst them.

If a business’s strength in the eyes of the customer is first established by the employee-consumer interaction, then it is only fitting that the representatives are best equipped to address and take on any challenge as needed. To be able to collaborate with their teammates to ensure that each call and claim is taken care of as efficiently as possible will serve to impress the customer.

Having strong collaboration amongst all individuals and departments within a business is key to making sure things get done quickly and with the best results.

Video Communication

More and more today, businesses will allow users to opt for video calls or even require quick video verification with the customer as a part of their practices. With video calling apps more popular than ever, it is no surprise that businesses have made video calling a part of their communication services.

Businesses that make video calls are at least present video communication as an option are staying with the times and in some case, adding a more personal touch to the process. Sometimes, conducting business over the phone can feel a little cold and disconnected.

Using video calls is a great way to bolster customer service and make the client to representative interaction feel more personable.

Visual Representations

And finally, a trend that seems to be here to stay in the world of business communications is the implantation of visual representations such as infographics and charts. We live in a visual world now. Everything is about quickly communicating information.

If your business uses texts or emails to reach consumers, they are more than likely going to respond to graphics than to written text. It is just a part of the times and embracing that will help you stay relevant and current within your current customer base.

You can take advantage of this trend by creating eye popping graphics that properly tell the customer what they need to know while standing out and being memorable.

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