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Benefits of Toll-free and Vanity numbers

If your business is not already taking advantage of a toll-free or vanity number, I would consider giving that a second thought. Having a toll-free number, or better yet a vanity number, goes a long way in making your business appear professional and in case of vanity numbers, memorable.

You can find toll free and vanity number plans quite cheaply without sacrificing helpful features such as call forwarding and voicemail to message transcription with some plans. To many customers, toll-free or vanity numbers are ingrained in them as consumers and it serves as an indicator that a business is legitimate.

And of course, vanity numbers are a sure-fire way to make sure your current or prospect customers never forget how to reach you. Let’s take a look at toll-free and vanity numbers and how they can be of benefit to your business.


When settling on a number for your business, you would not be wrong to be thinking ahead to the day that you will eventually have to change said number and inform your customer base so that they will move over to your new one.

With toll-free numbers, that is a non-issue. In the event of changing service providers, you can take your number with you without worrying having a gap in communication with your valued customers. As your business expands and grows, you won’t need to worry about getting a new number either.

You can simply add extensions and keep up the good customer service. Using a VoIP service or other similar alternative, you can set up elaborate call forwarding features that can direct the calls coming to your toll-free number as needed.

Consumer Recognition

Because most toll-free numbers are simple and easy to jot down upon hearing, you are more likely to cut through to customers coming across your advertisements or website. And it goes without saying that with a vanity number, the customers are not going to forget your number anytime soon.

Vanity numbers are a two-headed beast. They work extremely effectively to grab the consumer’s attention and stick in their mind, but they also work as secondary marketing for your business. A vanity number related to or named after your business can do a lot to keep your business on the customer’s mind.

That’s not the only way that the word “marketing” comes up when talking about vanity or toll-free numbers. Having a dedicated toll-free or vanity number lets the customer know right away that they are dealing with a professional entity.

There are seven different toll-free number formats, but the one your customers will likely be most familiar with is 1-800. The classic toll free number that you probably have in your head from years of hearing radio advertisements and cruising past billboards on the free more than likely began with a 1-800.

That’s not to say that 1-888 or 1-333 are less effective. Toll free numbers work well because they stick in your head in a day in age where customers don’t think to remember numbers anymore because of relying on contacts saved in their phone. Toll free numbers cut through that problem by being memorable.

Having a vanity number is almost like immediately saving yourself in the customer’s contacts list. It jumps out right away and they won’t soon forget that the business they choose to support has a niche name. In the event of doing marketing campaigns, having a vanity number will help your ad stand out.

Whether it be a banner on a webpage or a plastered on a billboard, a vanity number is more likely to be quickly remembered and called when your customers see it and want to reach out.


The cost reduction offered by toll free and vanity numbers benefits both your business and the customer on the other end of the line. Customers won’t be charged a single penny for calls with toll-free numbers, even toll-free numbers that are international.

On your end, however, your business can save a good chunk of money that could be spent elsewhere within the company. You can find toll-free and vanity number plans starting low, with some providers even offering advanced features to come along with it.

Often times, you will find that you can get set up with a toll-free or vanity number for around $200 a year. That is a good deal and your business’s accountant will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Put the Customers First

Besides incurring no cost for the customer thus saving them money, toll-free and vanity numbers have a few benefits that focus solely on the consumer. After all, your relationship as a business with your customers is the most important thing in getting repeat patronage from them.

For one thing, it lets the customers feel appreciated. If a customer is calling your business, it is often times after already having established a relationship with it by making a purchase or requesting a service. Because of that, you have more than likely already earned money through their patronage and having a number that is free for them to call in to is a way of showing that you appreciate their support.

Putting your best foot forward as a business means doing every single thing that you can to present the utmost professionalism at every step of business interaction. Communication is key and having a number that is flexible with being transferred to services that will provide the best possible features for both your business and the customer is simply a good business practice.

If you want to set up or carry over your toll-free or vanity number to a service that can offer over 65 useful productivity boosting features, visit Flagman Telecom and get a quote using our self-service quoting system. Flagman Telecom is located in Glendale, California and offers free set up and installation as a part of their services for local businesses that are within driving distance.

You can reach Flagman Telecom at (844) 800-8008.

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