Advantages Of Choosing Cloud-hosted VoIP

null Choosing a cloud-hosted VoIP system carries many benefits. Going cloud based with a VoIP set up allows for adaptability, clarity and control in a cost effective and streamlined package. In the day to day life of a business, one thing is common: change. New information, new technology, new clients and new employees. There is always new software that you need to buy to keep up and it gets very expensive. A cloud-hosted VoIP system, however, gives employers the freedom to manage communication without being worried about the added costs that they are used to with traditional systems. There are several clear advantages that put cloud-hosted VoIP over the alternative.

i. Cost Effective

A VoIP system works by compiling and sending communication data over your IP network as opposed to using land lines. You could use your direct IP connection to a phone service provider, or it could use your internet connection. Calls made through landlines can be expensive, especially if there are multiple lines being taken up and if the call is going overseas. Using the internet, however, effectively solves this problem. Many VoIP systems give users the freedom to make both long distance and domestic calls for free. It can also save you by reducing the need for outside help such as additional IT professionals or needing to keep purchasing new software to keep up with the communication data coming in daily. Because of the security measures that many VoIP systems provide, you could also save a small fortune in losses in the event of some sort of a data breach.

ii. Security

One of the advantages that can give you peace of mind is the security benefits of a cloud-hosted system. There are security measures put in place such as network security, data encryption, secure video and more that you can trust will keep your valuable communication data secure.

VoIP is compliant with both HIPAA- or Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act- dealing with the security of private medical records and personal information. It is also compliant with SOX, or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Before implementing your VoIP system, it is a good practice to examine your current networks and make sure that they are secure. While VoIP offers security with end to end data encryption, if you have previously been using unencrypted internet workers, there is always the chance that some sort of corruption has been done to the system.

There are easy solutions to that using malware and various software and is only a good precautionary practice. The VoIP system itself should provide strong security and give you peace of mind. Remember to use strong passwords and change your password twice a year to be extra safe.

iii. Effortless Multitasking

A VoIP system has many uses and can do a lot to streamline your work experience and help you keep multitasking.

VoIP systems allow you to forward and share information quickly. This is great for dealing with forwarding and or organizing messages that you will need later. Many VoIP set ups allow for voicemail to text transcriptions that are sent straight to your email allowing you to refer to them easily while on another call yourself.

Perhaps most useful and effective is the mobility that a cloud-hosted VoIP provides. The cloud itself can almost be viewed as a mobile office. Whether you are home, at the office, on vacation or out on the town, you can easily access all of your information.

The vast majority of cloud-hosted phone services offer mobile apps that feature many if not all of the same features as the desktop version. Not all do, however, so if the superior mobility is an important factor to you, consider going with one that provides a mobile app.

iv. Reliable and Efficient

A VoIP system allows you to have control over exactly how your calls come in. For example, you could choose to set it up to where the first several rings of an incoming call go directly to your office, and if you don’t pick up, the calls would be transferred to other phones of your choosing.

This allows you to decide how to best make sure that your calls not only all get acknowledged and fulfilled properly, but it gives you the peace of mind knowing that if you miss a call it will likely be picked up and taken care of by somebody on your team.

Because of that, even your customers will notice how the VoIP system has benefited you. It can really bolster customer service and show that you are reliable.

You can also have it set up to where your calls will be forwarded to a mobile phone or landline in the event that a connection is lost or in the event of power outages, have it forwarded to your mobile phone.


Of all the many reasons that cloud-hosted VoIP set ups are continually be used to improve and streamline businesses communication systems, none are more important than the ease of use. At the end of the day, a great communication system is not worth its price tag if it is difficult to understand and requires retraining employees.

Luckily, cloud-hosted VoIP systems are simple, easy to understand and actually cut down on the need to get continual IT help over issues with the more so traditional systems. They make it easy to multitask, disseminate information, provide excellent customer service and work on the go.

Provided you have a strong internet connection and good bandwidth, a VoIP system could do wonders in streamlining your work, managing your calls, and allowing you to address and respond to important inquiries whether you’re at home, on a business trip or on your way to the office.

It is important that you do your research and if possible, find someone experienced or with knowledgeable with VoIP. Refer to the above guide and try to think about your specific communication needs. You want to reduce costs while also giving yourself the best and most secure possible communication system.

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As you can see, there’s an abundance of reasons as to how you and your business could thoroughly benefit from the use of a cloud-based VoIP phone service. The fact of how easy it is to use, how secure it can make your information from external sources, how reliable and efficient it is, and how cost effective it is should be more than enough for you to see its worth. If you would like to get started with Flagman Telecom, don’t wait! You can either give us a call anytime, toll free, at (848)-800-8008. Another option is to use our companies self service quoting system.

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