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Our Expertise Costs You Less

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Imagine getting cutting-edge telephone services at affordable prices while being treated like you’re family.

When you first started your business, you imagined a great system for handling all the day-to-day stuff: catching weekend calls but not having to come into the office, making sales while you sleep, effortlessly becoming known as an expert in your field, and staying within a budget that works for you.

But your dreams dipped when you saw the price tag of fancy Internet phone systems offered by most large telecom providers. You knew they are focused on customers with big budgets.

You cringe every time you think about how stuck you feel between keeping up with technology to stay competitive in your market and not over-extending the resources you have to work with now. After years at one of the world’s largest telecom giants, we hated seeing customers treated like numbers. Their standard phone systems very often failed to recognize and solve the companies’ needs.  

Unlike other companies, Flagman’s top priority is not the systems we provide — we have the technical expertise to not have to worry about that. What we care most about is taking care of our customers. Our customers are our number one priority. 

Our Journey

We Treat You Like Family

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Hi there! We are  Greg Malkhasyan and Karen Petrosyan. We worked in one of the top telecom companies, where we couldn’t get used to the standard treatment local businesses got regardless of their needs and problems. 

That’s why we decided to found Flagman Telecom in 2014 and treat local businesses the way we wanted them to be treated. Since then, we have grown by 200% while solving the pain of local companies with special support and care.

Our main mission is to revolutionize the inner and outer communication of local businesses and connect them to their customers. As a two-way solution, our VoIP services will boost your business productivity and reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction. 

As a one-stop solution for all your business phone needs, we provide you with custom VoIP system design and installation with the best VoIP phones available in the market.

Our Aspiration

We threat you like family